Laundromats in Hartford city, Connecticut

Best Laundromats in Hartford city, Connecticut

Hartford city has a selection of top-notch laundromats that score high on these factors. Here are the best ones:

1. Super Spin Laundromat | Wash and Fold / Pickup and Delivery

Super Spin Laundromat | Wash and Fold / Pickup and Delivery is a truly exceptional place where your laundry needs are expertly taken care of. With a dedicated and friendly staff, you can expect top-notch service every time. They offer convenient pick-up and delivery, ensuring your clothes are neatly folded and perfectly packed. The adjustable fragrance adds a delightful touch to your freshly laundered items. With affordable prices and a seamless computerized order system, Super Spin is the ultimate laundry solution. Experience the time-saving convenience and exceptional quality for yourself - you won't be disappointed!

Address: 294 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105, United States

Phone: +1 860-840-7434


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2. Laundry For Less Hartford / Wash Dry Fold

Laundry For Less Hartford / Wash Dry Fold is the go-to laundromat for exceptional service and a truly enjoyable experience. Crystal, the amazing and kind manager, goes above and beyond to make sure everything is pristine and well-run. The machines are top-notchand with the helpful guidance from Crystal, you can achieve perfect results every time. Immerse yourself in a clean and friendly environment where the staff is always on point. Laundry For Less is simply unmatched.

Address: 716 Maple Ave, Hartford, CT 06114, United States

Phone: +1 860-727-8858


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3. Shine Laundromat

Shine Laundromat is a clean and well-maintained facility with helpful employees. While fans in the fold room could use some attention, it is still a great place to wash your clothes. Although there was a minor incident with a bug in a washer last week, overall, it remains a good choice. However, it is worth noting that some customers find the prices to be high, particularly for larger loadsand feel that the location takes advantage of the limited washing options in the area. Nonetheless, the laundromat is modern, easy to navigateand provides friendly customer service. With its organized and refreshing environment, it continues to satisfy patrons and has established a positive reputation since its opening day.

Address: 1001 Albany Ave, Hartford, CT 06112, United States

Phone: +1 860-206-5995


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4. Your Neighborhood Laundromat

Your Neighborhood Laundromat is a well-run establishment with a highly professional and friendly staff. They prioritize customer satisfaction by ensuring all your needs are met and any questions are answered. While the surrounding area may not be the ideal, the presence of regular police check-ins adds an extra layer of security. The machines are efficient and the staff is always available to provide assistance. Unlike larger laundromats, Your Neighborhood Laundromat offers the convenience of using quarters and provides clear notifications if a machine is out of order. The atmosphere is pleasant, accompanied by nostalgic music that adds to the overall experience. They also offer a reliable wash dry fold service, as demonstrated by Mel's quick and efficient experience. Overall, Your Neighborhood Laundromat is a clean, safeand customer-focused choice for all your laundry needs.

Address: 291 Barbour St, Hartford, CT 06120, United States

Phone: +1 860-206-7154

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5. Family Laundromat

Experience a truly smooth and convenient laundry day at Family Laundromat. Our tidy and fresh-smelling facility is perfect for all your laundry needs. Our friendly owner goes above and beyond to ensure your visit is enjoyable, even taking care of your clothes while you take a break. With affordable prices and a wide range of services, including dry cleaning, this is your go-to laundry stop. Trust us to make your laundry experience a breeze.

Address: 458 Franklin Ave, Hartford, CT 06114, United States

Phone: +1 860-296-9298

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6. A to Z Cleaning Laundromat | Wash • Dry • Fold

Welcome to A to Z Cleaning Laundromat, your go-to destination for all your laundry needs! Whether you prefer to bring your clothes and have them expertly washed and folded for you or enjoy the experience of doing it yourself, our laundromat has got you covered. With an array of machines of different sizes, we can accommodate any load size. Our dedicated team ensures that our store is always clean, well-stockedand organizedand our friendly front desk staff is ready to assist you with any queries you may have. Join the many satisfied customers who appreciate our respectful service and the pleasant aroma that fills the air. Known for our cleanliness and excellent customer service, we also offer highly recommended drop-off services. For those who prefer the convenience of our wash n fold service, Kalinda, our amazing attendant, ensures that your laundry is handled with utmost care, providing a personal touch and paying attention to every detail. Whether it's your favorite comforter or everyday attire, you can trust that your laundry will be done to perfection and delivered quickly. Our meticulous folding means that your clothes can go straight from the bag to your dresser with no additional effort required. Come experience the difference at A to Z Cleaning Laundromat and see why so many customers consider us their favorite laundromat in Hartford.

Address: 246 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105, United States

Phone: +1 860-240-4237


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7. Sun Laundromat

Discover Sun Laundromat, a haven for everyone seeking a seamless laundry experience. With an innovative payment system that eliminates the hassle of quarters, you'll love the convenience of using their cards, similar to a credit card. The spacious and impeccably clean premises provide ample room to comfortably wash your clothes without any interference. Residents from Bloomfield and beyond trust this laundromat to keep their comforters fresh. It's undoubtedly the area's finest, offering the ideal place to take care of all your laundry needs with an array of efficient machines. Plus, the helpful owner goes above and beyond to assist customers, ensuring a smooth experience.

Address: 408 New Britain Ave, Hartford, CT 06106, United States

Phone: +1 860-904-5722

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8. Hispano Laundry

Hispano Laundry impresses with their warm and accommodating service, going the extra mile to cater to customers no matter how far they've traveled. They excel in creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that every customer feels right at home while taking care of their laundry needs. Entrust your laundry to Hispano Laundry and experience top-notch service combined with genuine hospitality.

Address: 763 Park St, Hartford, CT 06106, United States

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9. Soapy Suds Laundromat.

Soapy Suds Laundromat is a long-standing favorite amongst locals for its affordable prices and efficient service. Customers rave about the clean and fast machines, with washers priced at only $2 and dryers for just $0.25. The laundromat also offers daily deals and has a helpful staff always available for assistance. While a few recent incidents regarding mask enforcement have been reported, the majority of customers appreciate the convenience and quality of Soapy Suds Laundromat.

Address: 1200 Park St #4, Hartford, CT 06106, United States

Phone: +1 860-951-3205

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10. Zion Laundromat

Zion Laundromat offers a welcoming environment with clean facilities, fresh scentsand top-notch service. Experience ultimate convenience with their brand new washers and dryers. Escape the chaos and enjoy a serene and quiet laundry experience. The friendly staff is always ready to assist. Embrace cleanliness and efficiency at Zion Laundromat!

Address: 600 Zion St, Hartford, CT 06106, United States

Phone: +1 860-310-1973


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11. TopKat Super Laundromat

Introducing TopKat Super Laundromat, the best laundry mat in Hartford! With a dedicated and hardworking manager, you'll experience exceptional customer service and a clean, friendly environment. We prioritize your comfort by ensuring unwanted individuals are kept out. While we continuously strive to improve our services, we take pride in delivering a positive experience. Conveniently open 24 hours, we understand your urgent needs. Though we appreciate your feedback, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by pricing variations and machine durations. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Address: 36 New Britain Ave, Hartford, CT 06106, United States

Phone: +1 860-206-0086


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12. Wash Tub of Hartford Laundromat

Experience the convenience and exceptional service at Wash Tub of Hartford Laundromat. Whether your washer is out of order or you have large items that need special care, our wash & fold service and high-capacity machines are here for you. Our friendly staff goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Don't let a few negative reviews overshadow the hard work and commitment we put into providing a clean and efficient laundromat experience. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you.

Address: 545 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105, United States

Phone: +1 860-523-1394

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13. Super Saver Laundromat

Super Saver Laundromat is a top-tier laundromat in the area that truly sets itself apart from the rest. Their friendly and attentive staff ensure that the machines are always clean and sanitized, so you never have to worry about ruined clothes. With a variety of washer sizes and free dryers available at all times, it's both convenient and cost-effective. Conveniently located next to a variety of fantastic amenities, including a CVS, subway, dinerand even a bar with a pool table, it's the perfect place to take care of your laundry needs. With 24-hour access, a helpful attendant, clean bathroomsand ample parking, Super Saver Laundromat truly goes above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience for their customers.

Address: 1210 Main St, East Hartford, CT 06108, United States

Phone: +1 877-247-9945


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14. Laundromat

Laundromat, a reliable and efficient laundromat company, ensures a seamless experience for customers. With a few exceptions of broken washers swiftly fixed, they strive to provide top-notch service. Their prompt response to fixing the issues demonstrates commitment. Although the owner is seldom present, if any concerns arise, CCTV cameras are available to address potential incidents. Experience hassle-free laundry with high-quality machines at Laundromat.

Address: 1093 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT 06106, United States

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15. Best Laundromat Hartford

"Welcome to Best Laundromat Hartford, where your laundry needs are met with convenience and exceptional service. Our 24-hour facility offers a clean and friendly environment, ensuring a seamless laundry experience anytime it suits you. Our dedicated and attentive staff is always ready to assist you, providing a level of care that goes beyond expectations. While we strive to offer competitive prices, we understand the importance of affordability for everyone. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to improve to better serve our valued customers."

Address: 213 New Park Ave, Hartford, CT 06106, United States

Phone: +1 860-523-1901

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16. The Laundry Room on the Ave

The Laundry Room on the Ave is a top-rated laundromat that offers a convenient and comfortable experience. With 11 washing machines and 12 dryers, customers have plenty of options to get their laundry done efficiently. The business is known for its cleanliness, thanks to the multilingual attendant who diligently keeps things in order. The laundromat also boasts ample parking and a nearby selection of restaurants and cafes. Customers of all backgrounds appreciate the friendly and polite atmosphere. Overall, The Laundry Room on the Ave is a reliable choice for all your laundry needs.

Address: 772 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT 06119, United States

Phone: +1 860-297-1619


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17. Super Saver Free Dry Laundromat

Super Saver Free Dry Laundromat offers an accessible and convenient experience for all your laundry needs. With friendly and knowledgeable staff, you can quickly understand how the machines work and get started. While they don't have a change machine, the helpful team will assist you with alternatives. However, it's important to note that the dryers can get very hot, so take caution when drying delicate items. Despite a few minor issues, Super Saver provides a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for your laundry tasks.

Address: 75 Albany Ave, Hartford, CT 06120, United States


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