Laundromats in Rochester city, New Hampshire

Best Laundromats in Rochester city, New Hampshire

Rochester city has a selection of top-notch laundromats that score high on these factors. Here are the best ones:

1. Scrubbing Board Laundromat

Scrubbing Board Laundromat is an exceptional place to do your laundry. With a helpful and friendly owner, you'll always feel welcomed. The cleanliness is top-notchand they offer the cheapest prices for washing machines and dryers in town. You'll love the convenience of touchless payment options and the availability of folding tables, cartsand laundry supplies. Although there was a minor hiccup with contactless payment, the reasonable prices and well-maintained facilities make this laundromat highly recommended.

Address: 45 Hancock St, Rochester, NH 03867, United States

Phone: +1 603-332-9721


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2. Varneys LaunderCenter

Varneys LaunderCenter is a top-notch laundromat that offers a pleasant and well-maintained environment for all your laundry needs. Despite the initial surprise of prices, their efficient washers and dryers provide excellent results for your clothes. The friendly staff ensures cleanliness and the availability of additional amenities such as WiFi, TVand parking make it a convenient choice. Located within walking distance of downtown, you can conveniently complete your chores while exploring the area. Varneys LaunderCenter stands out for their affordability and extended operating hours, making it a preferred choice for laundry.

Address: 130 S Main St, Rochester, NH 03867, United States

Phone: +1 603-330-0377


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3. Cleary Cleaners

Cleary Cleaners is a highly regarded laundromat company that offers exceptional service and cleanliness. With friendly and helpful attendants, customers receive a positive and welcoming experience. However, recent visits have shown a slight decline in maintenance, with some scattered debris and dust. Despite this, Cleary Cleaners maintains its reputation for being sanitary and organized, thanks to the efforts of their diligent staff. Customers can trust Cleary Cleaners to provide a clean and pleasant environment for all their laundry needs.

Address: 224 N Main St, Rochester, NH 03867, United States

Phone: +1 603-332-3116


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4. Six-T's Laundry

Welcome to Six-T's Laundry, the go-to laundromat for affordable and efficient cleaning services. Our facility offers a variety of washer and dryer options, with prices ranging from $3 to $5 for washers and 25-50¢ for dryers. We accept credit and debit cardsand even offer touchless payment for added convenience. Our spacious unisex bathroom is always well-maintainedand we provide handy vending machines for quarters and laundry essentials. With ample folding space and laundry carts available, we strive to make your laundry experience a breeze. While we are working on improving accessibility, we apologize for any inconvenience caused to wheelchair users due to a small step at the entrance. Despite these minor setbacks, our modern dryers guarantee quick and effective dryingand our clean, tranquil environment ensures a peaceful laundering session. Many of our loyal customers have praised us for our cleanliness and affordability. While our costs may be slightly higher to cover maintenance and operations, we believe in providing top-notch service with superior equipment. So why wait? If you're looking for a budget-friendly and hassle-free laundry experience, let Six-T's Laundry be your reliable choice. Don't forget to hit the thumbs-up "LIKE" button if you found this description helpful. We appreciate your support and feedback!

Address: 105 Highland St, Rochester, NH 03868, United States

Phone: +1 603-332-9692

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5. Rochester Laundromat

Discover the best laundromat in town, Rochester Laundromat! Recently renovated and highly recommended by locals, this laundromat offers a clean and safe environment for all your laundry needs. Their streamlined laundry card system makes it easy to keep track of expenses, while the efficient machines ensure a quick and hassle-free experience. Plus, enjoy the chance to win a daily free wash and take advantage of their different size load options. With free wifi and friendly staff, Rochester Laundromat is the perfect place to get your laundry done efficiently and comfortably.

Address: 15 Signal St, Rochester, NH 03867, United States

Phone: +1 603-460-5348


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